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'warcraft': The Story Behind The New Movie Concept Art

"Warcraft" concept art Far more interesting was the morsel of plot Jones revealed to the crowd. The movie will be the story of the human leader Anduin Lothar versus Orc leader Durotan, which should make this movie an excellent tie-in for Durotan Doritos. But more seriously, given the avid fanbase for the property, we can figure out quite a bit about the plot (or at least, what we think the plot will be). According to Jones, both Lothar (whose name is rumored to be inspired by "Lord of the Rings," abbreviated as LotR) and Durotan want to do what is right for their people, and prevent war. This is in line with the mythology of the game, as Lothar is a reluctant leader, forced to pick up arms against the raging Orc Horde. Meanwhile, Durotan isn't actually even their leader: he's a magic-wielding Shaman and best friend of the actual Orc leader, Orgrim.
Full story: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1717205/warcraft-movie-concept-art.jhtml

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