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?hannah Montana: The Movie?

listener_new_rect So she strikes a deal with her father, Robby Ray (played by Cyrus real-life dad, Billy Ray): As her sunny, somewhat baby-faced brunette self, shell go to school and do regular teenage stuff. But she also has the freedom to don the aforementioned blond wig and http://www.bookcrossing.com/mybookshelf/eduardostraub/ perform in the guise of Hannah Montana; only her family and her closest friend (played by Emily Osment) know her secret. That way, as she puts it in one of her chirpy, cheerful songs, she gets to live in the best of both worlds. As Hannah Montana she temporarily ceases to be a sheltered little girl and instead becomes a free agent, a performer who gets to try on the clothes, and the persona, of an adult sexual being. Whether or not you think this idea is harmful for kids is up to you, but I very clearly remember being 6 years old and believing that someday Id grow up to be either Emma Peel or Honey West, the character played by Ann Francis in the short-lived 60s TV show of the same name. (She was a private detective who wore black leotards and kept a pet ocelot in her bachelor-girl apartment.) I can http://wallinside.com/post-5907847-farrah-abrahams-soap-opera-audition-tape-is-the-most-awkward-youtube-video-of-all-time.html assure you that, much to my disappointment, I grew up to be neither, but at least I now understand what the fantasy was about: It allowed me to try on the idea of being a glamorous, sexy adult without having to deal with the attendant responsibilities and complexities. I could always return to the safety of being a kid, which is the central notion behind Hannah Montana. The double-identity concept is laid out very clearly in Hannah Montana: The Movie, so even if you have an Amish child whos never seen television, you can be assured shell understand the movies logic perfectly. (Why youd be bringing such a child to the movies in the first place is between you and the elders.) Those Farrah Abraham of you who will be dragged to the theater this weekend might want to know that the plot of Hannah Montana: The Movie is slender but serviceable: Robby Ray believes Miley is becoming too wrapped up in the whole Hannah Montana thing, and wants her to forgo an important engagement to attend the birthday party of her grandmother (played by the wonderful actress Margo Martindale) in Tennessee.
Full story: http://www.salon.com/2009/04/10/hannah_montana_2/

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