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Farrah Abraham?s ?couple?s Therapy? Lies Exposed! Brian Dawe?s Real Life Girlfriend Revealed

I was shocked and obviously didnt know what do say, but he reassured me their relationship was fake and only a business deal to help their careers, Dawes girlfriend adds. It was hard to handle at first, but I trusted him. As Dawe and Abraham flaunted their faux-mance for photographers and the media,he was actually in a committed relationship with Stokes the entire time showering her with roses and gifts, she claims. PHOTOS: Celeb Sex Addiction We hung out all the time, and I pretty much lived with him. Nothing changed, Stokes says of their relationship. The reality of her external link boyfriends scam finally hit her though, when she was driving him to the airport where he was set to board a flight to Los Angeles to begin filmingCouples Therapy. I was just crying. I didnt know what would happen. It was so hard, she recalls.
Read more http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2014/01/farrah-abraham-fake-couples-therapy-boyfriend-brian-dawe-real-girlfriend-victoria-stokes/

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