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An Interview With Ryan Sitton Running For Texas Railroad Commissioner

Kim Kardashian video A: The Texas RRC is, essentially, a 700 person technical service operation. I bring a level of technical expertise on things like hydraulic fracturing and pipeline integrity that would be extremely valuable to citizens who want to know that we are truly utilizing the most effective regulations to produce energy. In addition I bring years of managing a large staff of technical professionals, and doing things to support them and make them the most effective that they can be. This will translate to better performance and better service for our money, which all tax-payers and industry experts would like to see. Q. The federal governmentsinterferencein the energy sector is homepage overreach, with far more regulation than necessary in myopinion, what do you see coming at us from the federal government regarding fracking regulations and how will you fight it? A: The primary areas that the federal government will try to impact us on fracturing will be through its own regulatory requirements. More specifically, I believe that they will try to put in place restrictions or requirements around how fracturing will be performed. The federal government agencies (EPA, OSHA, DOT, etc.), have Kim K a track record of putting regulations in place under the name of protection or control, that are based on poor science and political agendas. These regulation at best raise the costs of production or operation, and at times, make operations unviable. I could see the EPA, in the name of protecting water, could place massive requirements for frac wells around well design (casings, concrete, containment, etc.) that would make these processes uneconomical, effectively shutting them down, and therefore raise the price of energy. Q. Stripper wells make up 85% of the wells in Texas.
Source: http://blog.chron.com/texassparkle/2014/01/an-interview-with-ryan-sitton-running-for-texas-railroad-commissioner/?cmpid=rrhoutex

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