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?french Kim Kardashian? Arrested Over Alleged Repeated Stabbing Of Boyfriend

The Independent reports neither police nor hotel staff have found any evidence to back Benattias claim. Her version of events is incoherent, said an investigating source. It is not backed up by the initial evidence. A knife is believed to have been thrown out of the hotel room window and had been wiped clean. Vergara says that he does not want to press charges against his girlfriend, but he may be forced to present evidence against the French Kim Kardashian in court if need be. Reality TV Angels producer Jeremy Michalak said he was in a state of shock, adding, I dont know what happened. Ive been trying to contact Nabilla. This is not the first time Nabilla has had a run-in with the law. She spent a month in Switzerland serving a fraud conviction, and just last year she was arrested for spitting at a French railroad worker. She was voted the most disliked person in France in a survey conducted for Voici magazine last year.

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